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Roger Pryor is able to work with you to disrupt, challenge, co-construct, affirm or consult on most aspects of the work you do, and can offer a range of services

Professional Learning, Leadership and Staff Development.

From the big picture to hands on skills, maybe Roger can help you or people you work with to add value to what goes on in the work you do.

From keynote style presentations, to workshop leadership, or small group masterclasses then your needs can be defined and met through a range of programs on offer. Have a look at some ideas here, or contact to suggest your own ideas. Programs can be provided in your setting, to suit your needs.

MC, hosting or session facilitation services are also available.

Whether for a wedding, conference, luncheon or pretty much any event, Roger can help to ensure that everything goes off according to program and that your event has that professional yet friendly feel to it.  With a host of experiences in this role and a background as a professional entertainer, Roger is able to provide the atmosphere you’re looking for.

For conference and symposium organisers, Roger offers facilitation services including topic and speaker introductions, commentary and questioning as well as facilitation and management of discussion and Q&A segments.

With a number of significant conference presentation experiences under his belt in Australia and internationally, you can be assured that Roger has a good idea of the quality and professionalism you are looking for.

Consultancy and facilitation in web hosting and online sites and strategies

Roger can work with you and your school, club or small business to facilitate and consult regarding solutions to your online needs.  With a wealth of experience in using blogs, learning management systems and social media, Roger can work with you to devise a strategy to assist the engagement and communication you want for your organisation.

In addition, Roger can offer cost effective solutions which have the benefit of enhancing your own capability and promote a sustainable approach to meeting your future needs.

Musician and performer

As a guitar vocalist with years of experience, Roger can provide music for your function, conference or event.

With a huge repertoire which tends toward classics from the sixties, seventies and eighties, Roger provides a good fit for many styles of event.  In addition, he is able to provide a request style format and is adept at mixing song choices and volume levels to ensure that everything ‘fits’ with how you see it.

Roger can also provide some special musical segments within your program to assist in continuity or to underscore a theme.

Roger is currently presenting Acoustic Cafe in venues in Newcastle.

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Professional Learning, Leadership and Staff Development.

General areas include:

  • Leadership: Context and practice
  • Leading in a connected world: strategies for leveraging the amazing capacity of social media and the web to enhance leadership learning and behaviour.
  • Transformational Leadership – Utilising deceptively simple process scaffolds to engage and lead change.
  • Blogging and online spaces as a means of widening the classroom horizon of possibility.
  • Heads in the cloud – tools and tips for leaders which provide anywhere/anytime connectedness.
  • Designing professional sharing and learning as an affirmation of practice and professionalism.
  • Some paradigm shifting notions for reaffirming teachers in their professionalism and intent.
  • Presentation skills for engagement.
  • Doing what’s BEST – a context and imperative for change.
  • Below the waterline: what matters most? Resilience and intelligent relationships.
  • etc

Please use the Contact form to get in touch.  Workshops, masterclasses, presentations or whatever can be designed to suit your needs, with delivery in your setting or as a shared event wherever you happen to be.




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