What a difference a brand makes

Earlier this year, I decided that it would be good to seek some professional help in getting some decent branding for my website, business cards etc to identify my ‘brand.’

Through social media, I was aware of the young team at Neon Zoo, who were one of the businesses which represent talented young professionals ‘having a go.’ I was interested to see what ideas they would come up with for my brand as Pryor Commitment: offering, along with the capacity to be The Human Disruptive, a range of services in Professional Learning and Leadership Development. MC and conference/event facilitation and as a musician and entertainer.

As a man in his late fifties, I wanted a brand which made a case for being a contemporary thinker, but with experience and a pragmatic approach where necessary.

Recently, I received all the files and cards. You can see the result on the branding for this blog and at my main website.  Please don’t hesitate to hit the comment button and provide some feedback.  It has been amazing how having this branding has impacted positively on my ability to define what I can offer and present it as a marketing proposition.  If the range of services offered fites with your needs, why not get in touch?